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Japan vs. Korea Teams

Japan vs. Korea finished a few hours ago, those who missed it or didn't even know it took place can check out R's blog. We were able to see some interesting teams today so I decided to make a list of them. I didn't watch every game and can't get access to some of the past broadcasts, so I'll leave the list incomplete, if you can help me finish it please write a comment :)

1) Viera:    vs. Cheol: 

2) Syaron:  vs. Keewan: 

3) Yuuchi:  vs. Jii Hoon: 

4) Yamacya:  vs. Jin Woo Lee: 

5) Yuzuki:  vs. Krel: 

6) huuuyru:  vs. Chang 

7) R:  vs. In Jin Yang: 

8) Gebebo:  vs. Sejun:  

9) Yamamoto vs. Chehwan - I didn't watch this one.


A few things that I noticed:

  • Landorus-T was more popular even than Cresselia (!!!)
  • 14/16 teams had weather Pokemon (Tyranitar, Politoed, Abomasnow)
  • Dragons aren't cool anymore.
  • Scizor was really popular compared to other Steel-types.

I enjoyed the broadcast a lot, it was really fun to watch. It's always great to see top players battle and take a look or two on their teams and plays.

If I made any mistakes (players' names/Pokemon they used) let me know and I'll correct it asap.


EDIT: I just added a few Pokemon. Unfortunately the game between Yamamoto and Chehwan is still unavailable to watch but I've heard that @tatsuya2246 is going to put some battles on his Youtube channel so maybe I'll be able to complete the list in a few days. Also thanks to @araluen7 for helping me with this.