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VGC 2015 Mega Evolution Tiers

Hi! This place has been pretty deserted for a while, I wanted to write a team report a while ago about my Premier Challenge team (and Worlds too, if I managed to buy tickets or won a paid trip instead of just an invite, lol) but I somehow always found an excuse not to do that and now noone is interested in VGC 2014 anymore, so let's move on!

I haven't buit a successful team yet but I have been testing some stuff, so I think I can already tell which Megas are the most powerful. That's only an opinion, so don't take it very seriously, maybe some of these Pokemon will develop during the season or unleash their hidden potential... or something and will be able to jump up a tier or maybe even two. Anyway, this is just for fun, so feel free to share your opinion if you'd like!


These are in my opinion the top tier Megas in the game. Their combinations of power, stats, ability and typing is very unique. I won't compare them to each other, because these Pokemon are very different and counter completely different stuff.


While slightly weaker than the "big four", all of these Megas are really powerful and hard to deal with even when having two or three counters to them. Mega Camerupt may seem a little odd here, given it's not very popular, but I think its time is going to come one day, since it's got really good stats, typing and ability.


These Pokemon are significantly weaker than S tier Megas but all of them have something unique, whether it's typing, stats, or combination of movepool and ability. I'd expect at least two of them to become more popular later in the season, because every single of those Pokemon fills a niche.


I decided to put here all the Megas, that have either good stats or ability, but each one of them is missing something. Mega Altaria's power is a bit lacking, Mega Garchomp's and Ampharos' ability isn't good enough while the rest of the pack doesn't have either interesting typing or some bulk.

everything else

Yeah, that's a lot Pokemon but I don't believe they can be very successul. Of course, I won't be surprised if any of those wins a Regional or a Premier Challenge but I really wouldn't expect more. All of these Pokemon don't have enough to offer and are simply weak to lots of common stuff.